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The French Angle by Paul Mepham

Seems an age now since I started crossing the channel to further my quest for big carp on venues across France, whether it be to a commercial venue, a big public water or river. The build up before a trip, preparation of tackle, bait and doing some homework on my chosen venue all adds to

Paste Baits in Winter

Winter is definitely a time to think carefully about your baiting situations and strategy. With the drop in water temperatures and the carp being cold blooded, it makes good sense to look at maximising digestion and increasing solubility with a view to keeping the bites coming in adverse conditions. A slower metabolic rate often means

January Mirror’s for Oz on the i-bait.

An early January visit to Yateley's Sandhurst venue paid off for Oz with two cold water January mirrors. The christmas period had seen high pressure sitting over the country bringing cold air and frosty conditions, rendering many of the countries lakes frozen for periods of time. A small window of opportunity appeared in the New

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Introducing iBait…

As the flagship boilie within the range we would like to give you some background history on the development of I-bait. Geoff came up with the concept of this mix some three years ago with a view to building a bait that was highly attractive, nutritious and digestible throughout 12 months of the year.This enables

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A History of Bait by Geoff Bowers

When I first started carp fishing it was during the era of the paste bait specials and anglers made mixtures of many strange powdered products that were available at the time, but most used flour/semolina and soya mixed with either cat food or dog food and various human food products. Those in the know began

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New Website Launch

Welcome to our brand new website, we hope you find everything you are looking for on the site. Like our baits we keep rolling with the times bringing you the freshest and highest quality baits available.