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The Baiting Game, Interview with ABS employee Northern Jay.

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ABS…So Jay, how did it all come about, moving down South and working for ABS? Well mate moving south that’s going back some now, I’ll try and keep it short. It was back in 2004 when I decided to move south. My partner (Laura) and I were in a long distance relationship, it was difficult

Paste Baits in Winter

Winter is definitely a time to think carefully about your baiting situations and strategy. With the drop in water temperatures and the carp being cold blooded, it makes good sense to look at maximising digestion and increasing solubility with a view to keeping the bites coming in adverse conditions. A slower metabolic rate often means

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New Website Launch

Welcome to our brand new website, we hope you find everything you are looking for on the site. Like our baits we keep rolling with the times bringing you the freshest and highest quality baits available.