Winter opening hours

    NOTICE: Due to the nature of our winters, our opening hours will alter slightly and we will close on Saturdays at 2pm until spring. Many thanks to all our customers for your continued support.


          THE TEST BAIT  2T-B Our latest creation, now completely field tested to our high standards and catching many fish from many waters up and down the country. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who field-tested it you are real field-testers who used a bait that had

Angling round up for 2017

  Angling round up for 2017     Well, it was a very cold start in the early doors of 2017, a lot of the waters local to me were under a lid of ice for the most part and I think the vast majority of us were eagerly waiting to get a break in

A Year on Milton

A Year on Milton Pan I walked the Milton pan lake 3 years before even casting a bait into its water knowing it held a very special common. On first sight it was completely different to any other angling I had done, with its gin clear water, vast amounts of weed and big visible gravel

Field Testers

We often get asked about field testing positions with ABS. Well here is an opportunity! We are in the early stages of testing a new bait which has massive potential to be the best we have ever produced. This really could be something special, because of this we have decided that this bait needs testing

Danny Hillier Car park campaign

At the start of this year I was lucky enough to finally land myself a ticket for the Yateley Car Park Lake. Landing myself a great carp on my first night, my confidence was sky high, however the following weeks passed uneventfully, the weed bloomed and as the lake became busy I was faced with

Ian Lewis

Hi guys a little introduction about myself and what I do, my name is Ian Lewis, I'm a family man, I run a small decorating business, I'm part of the Gardner tackle team uk, I've been angling since the age of 8 (I'm 36 next month), a lot of my carping has been done in

  • The Upfront Fully - 38lb 3oz

A Year in the Valley…Tom Andrassy.

Looking back at it now just brings a huge smile to my face, what a year it truly was. For me it was a challenge to fish such a tricky, pressured small venue and be determined to be there as much as possible each week, you know a proper campaign as it were. But by

  • Brooksbank on tour 127

The French Angle by Paul Mepham

Seems an age now since I started crossing the channel to further my quest for big carp on venues across France, whether it be to a commercial venue, a big public water or river. The build up before a trip, preparation of tackle, bait and doing some homework on my chosen venue all adds to