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Our newest baits!



 Our latest creation, now completely field tested to our high standards and catching many fish from many waters up and down the country. 

A highly digestible milk carbohydrate hybrid with amazing stimulating attraction. The attracters are a digestive accelerated with a sweetener which speeds up activation – even quicker to compliment the high nutritional values of this amazing bait. On top of this, a blend of esters- flavours and natural liquids are added to finish the bait. We hope you carry on catching on it.

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15mm or 18mm? (for bait)




This is our latest masterpiece. Early tests were incredible which we followed up with a team of field testers who trusted us to use a completely new bait without a name.
The Bait is of the utmost quality. It is highly digestible with large amounts of stimulating attractors.
The base mix designed to slowly soften releasing a high leakage of amino acids into the water triggering a feeding response.
We know this incredible bait will produce all year round and will have a great impact on catches with longevity within your fishing.
The Hydra-K utilises the very best ingredients available to us. These include pre digested fish meals and a blend of hydrolysed fish protein liquids, amino stimulants from Krill and a high level of Betaine.
The base mix uses the best Krill meal, Fish meals, birdfoods, milk proteins and vitamin supplements.
The Hydra-K is the first of our premium range of baits being developed and introduced in the coming year.
Use with confidence apply well and you will be rewarded.

Choose type and quantity
15mm or 18mm? (for bait)



The original flagship bait from ABS. This bait contains a blend of the very best fish-meals available, used at the highest optimum levels.This is then combined with various milk proteins, whey concentrate, milled bird foods along with various soluble powders and a unique, highly stimulatory spice blend. Standard Malarkey is flavoured with a Squid and Crayfish blend and utilises high levels of marine fish protein liquid. Often copied but never beaten!

Footnote. This mix is still available in all original variations. e.g Skunk and Garlic, Fifth Element.

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15mm or 18mm? (for bait)

Rock Lobster.

A top quality fish base mix incorporating a blend of high grade fish-meals, milk protiens, milled bird foods, natural spices and roughage. This creates a highly soluble and digestible bait which freely releases nutrients and stimulatory aminos into the water column. We built a unique 3 part attractor package to compliment this basemix consisting of amino fish a hydrolysed fish protein and pre-digested liquid liver. This is then added to a mellow lobster liquid palatant and is carefully blended with various spicy stimulants which together make an incredibly rich profile that is both subtle and attractive.

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15mm or 18mm? (for bait)


Take a highly successful blend of fishmeal, bird foods, milk proteins and numerous soluble powdered ingredients along with the useful addition of oyster shell adding crunch and texture with increased roughage along with a beneficial supply of calcium. To this base mix of powders we add our own unique blend of garlic along with the addition a nutrient rich fish enzyme liquid. Totally natural in colour and ingredients this bait is ideal for long term use on the hardest waters in the land. In our eyes, the ultimate big carp bait.

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15mm or 18mm? (for bait)

The Nut Bait Range

Maple Cream Nut.

The original and still the best. Using top quality tiger nut products blended with milk proteins, a blend of bird foods whey concentrate and with soluble ingredients to ensure a controlled release and breakdown.

To this we add the legendary maple cream attractor package with a blend of nut oils.

Truly an all year round winer and fish with confidence.

Choose type and quantity
15mm or 18mm? (for bait)

Plan B.

Take the all conquering nut base mix and add some truly incredible additives both liquid and powder the addition of a yeast based digestive aid that increases the breakdown time and reacts with the carbs and starches to aid digestion and increase utilisation of the attractor system. Combine this with a blend of two rich chocolate flavours and a couple of secret liquids, this mix takes the bait to the next level. Another all year round bait that will do the business anywhere.

Choose type and quantity
15mm or 18mm? (for bait)

The iBait

We are pleased to be able to release the I-bait. This one is the best combination of both natural attractors and stimulatory products from the aquaculture industry.

We have taken some of our best proven attractor systems and found a way to infuse them together to create an intelligent attraction package . Put this together with a base mix which uses blended palatants and ingredients to aid the active qualities of the liquid system. This attractor system is in 3 parts, both liquid and powder and is added at different times of the bait making process allowing us to make the best of all additives.

Choose type and quantity
15mm or 18mm? (for bait)

IBAIT will work all year round and from day one.

I-Bait is highly attractive in aquaculture, in all temperatures and all times of the year.


Due to the inclusion of an additional palatant and attraction pack, I-bait prices are
£8.00 per kilo 14-24mm
£8.50 per kilo 12mm
£9.00 per kilo 10mm



Please note: all prices inclusive of VAT

5-50KG £7.00 per kilo
50kg-100kg 6.50 per kilo
100kg-200kg £6.00 per kilo
200kg+ POA
10mm BOILIES £8.00 per kilo
12mm BOILIES £7.50 per kilo

Dumbbell/barrel baits can also be produced upon request.
For I-bait price structure see section.

up to 1kg £5.00
1-5kg £10.00
5kg £10.00
6-20kg £13.00
extra per kilo (21kg-100kg) £0.35 per kilo
101kg + POA

All of our previous mixes are available to order, please phone with your request.

Hook Baits

Cork-ball pop-ups available for our main range of baits: £10
Airball pop-ups: £5
Cork dust pop-ups: £5
Balanced Bottom Baits: £5
Hardened Hookbaits: £5
Matching Glugs (250ml): £5
Paste to match any Bait in the Range: £3.50 per kg
Pellet: From £2.50 kg
Stick mixes and Groundbaits to match any Bait in the Range: From £2.50 kg

Custom Mixes

Through our many years of bait formulation and access to a wide variety of ingredients and attractors we can offer you a custom bait service allowing you to build your own bait, tailored to your particular requirements.

Base mixes, attractor systems, colours, flavours and sizes can be combined to formulate your own unique and individual bait. We will advise on levels and combinations and rest assured your finished bait will never be disclosed, 100% discretion assured.


Due to the seasonal changes in colour and texture of the many natural products used within the base mixes a slight variation in colour of the finished baits is to be expected at times. This is a normal process and beyond our control but has no detriment to the effectiveness of the bait.

Preserved baits.
We offer the choice to anglers of having fresh bait rolled to order and also we supply short term preserved baits ideal for those travelling abroad to fish or fishing longer than average sessions.

We can also offer all of our bait range as fully preserved bait ideal for those with no freezer space. Once immersed in water the active ingredients in these baits will be triggered and they will then act as per the fresh version.

24mm, 22mm, 20mm, 18mm, 16mm, 14mm, 12mm. Barrels available in any combination of the above.