We often get asked about field testing positions with ABS. Well here is an opportunity!

We are in the early stages of testing a new bait which has massive potential to be the best we have ever produced.

This really could be something special, because of this we have decided that this bait needs testing over a large variety of waters across the country by a group of anglers.

Active Bait Solutions are now looking for a team of field testers to help develop this bait over the coming months.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email us on absfieldtesters@gmail.com with a short description of yourself and your angling situation. We are looking for a mix of anglers with different experience across a range of waters so even if you are relatively new to the sport don’t rule yourself out.

I must stress this is not just a free bait for your pictures and stories ruse.

There will be a cost involved but heavily discounted and you will be testing a bait that is under development and we will be looking for constructive feed back from you.

Now winter is coming and many will think this is not the best time to start testing bait but this bait has been under initial test for a while and we need to step it to the next level no launch date is planned yet.

Due to the potential of this bait we really want to make sure it is right for all year use.

There will be a limited number of places available so please let me know of your interest.

The start of distribution will be early November.


Paul ABS.