Seems an age now since I started crossing the channel to further my quest for big carp on venues across France, whether it be to a commercial venue, a big public water or river. The build up before a trip, preparation of tackle, bait and doing some homework on my chosen venue all adds to the excitement for me and a successful trip was always something that had taken a lot of hard work. As well as learning as much as possible about where I was going and the best way to get there, bait was always right up there with important things to do and for me could mean the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one if I got it right. 0x21a5a00Trying to think outside the box and being prepared for every eventuality, not forgetting that if you got it wrong you were a long way from home so not an easy mistake to rectify. Not every water in France could be fished with the same methods unlike the Uk when you go to the same water week in week out doing the same thing. Different venues meant different baiting strategies and applications and not just turning up with 20kg of 18mm boilies and putting all my eggs in one basket, it could be straight forward but on most I’ve found that doing something other than the norm would always get me better results, something that has always stuck in my head was that if I fished the same as everyone else I’d get the same results as everyone else and for me I always wanted the big bag of fish or the biggun we all crave for.
My choice of bait was never an easy one unlike the Uk where I found that even if I didn’t catch I was applying the bait as a food source that would become readily available at some stage and spots would come good during the season not like a trip away where I had a week or two if I was lucky to get it right.
Ive been using Geoff’s bait since the 8mif 0110’s and always found that I could get something from him that would suit any situation I came across, i’ve also found that by using different mixes on most venues because of what other companies baits go in there in quantity, knowing when to use a fishmeal, a nut bait or an enzyme active bait was again down to doing a bit of homework and the boys at ABS were always on hand to give their advice, my twist on it was I’d always use different size baits, round baits in 3 or 4 different sizes as well as barrels mixing them up so the fish would not become preoccupied on one size or even spooky to it and giving me a wider range of hookbaits and rigs to use with it. custom-mixes-1Still one of my favourite methods is to feed 3 different sizes of boilies say 22mm, 18mm and 15mm into the swim and use a snowman presentation with 18mm bottom bait and a 15mm pop up, A simple method but one I have confidence in and that confidence is because of ABS. Five years ago I took the plunge and moved to France, I still love the fishing out here and still find myself driving up and down the country in pursuit of Lovely times