Winter is definitely a time to think carefully about your baiting situations and strategy. With the drop in water temperatures and the carp being cold blooded, it makes good sense to look at maximising digestion and increasing solubility with a view to keeping the bites coming in adverse conditions. A slower metabolic rate often means shorter feeding spells and the ability to attract the carp to our baits is ever more important. Cold water is very dense, and as such the molecular components of bait can be hindered from working as efficiently as they do during the warmer months. To create the desired effect of maximum attraction we blend the most effective stimulatory flavour/liquid and powdered combinations we know into our baits and provide additional liquids and pastes that can be utilised in many ways. All of our bait range is available in paste form, a highly detectable and soluble way to create a feeding response in winter. There are many ways to utilise the paste within your angling but a few of the favourites are to

a. mould a skin of paste around your hook bait

b. mould a ball of paste around the lead before casting

c. use paste balls encased in arma-mesh as a short term hookbait

d. make paste and rapid-breakdown pellet balls to catapult into the swim to create an active feeding zone

Paste definitely comes into its own in winter as a highly attractive and soluble food source, but has a year round appeal and can be used in both stalking situations or as a way of getting quick attraction into the swim without overfeeding during the warmer months.

Paste is available in handy pots for quick sessions or by the KG if required with your boilie order.

Bulk Deals on Carp Fishing Bait

Bulk Deals on Carp Fishing Bait