As the flagship boilie within the range we would like to give you some background history on the development of I-bait. Geoff came up with the concept of this mix some three years ago with a view to building a bait that was highly attractive, nutritious and digestible throughout 12 months of the year.This enables the angler to fish with confidence in extreme cold water situations as well as retaining a high food signal and nutritious profile throughout the year.
Taking the best qualities of our ultra successful nut bait base mix and supplementing this with our Plan B additive we further enhanced the profile with a second phase powdered palatant still on our β€˜secret’ list. This combination took the bait structure to a whole new level and the results were outstanding even in the coldest of temperatures.
The feedback from those lucky enough to have the first batches to themselves was astounding, reactions occurring incredibly quickly after an initial introduction of the bait.
If you are after a four season bait for long term use look no further.